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2012 Cruze Eco 6MT
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My wife comes home the other day and says the sunroof in the Cruze is broken. Sure enough, it opens up and down to vent but won't slide back at all. It just jams in the first half inch. I've come to find out that the Eco never had an option for a sunroof, and yet here I am, looking at my Eco with its (now broken) sunroof. Turns out the factory sunroof uses two switches on either side of the overhead console, while mine only has one. I bought the car CPO in 2013. I had no idea this wasn't factory until the other day. It certainly looks factory at first glace.

So my questions are...
  • Is this an aftermarket sunroof or dealer-installed with original GM parts?
  • If it's aftermarket, where could I get it serviced?
  • Where could I find parts if it's aftermarket?
  • Can I find out who did the installation?
  • What are the chances my local dealership would be willing to work on this?
  • How much do you think repairing it would cost?
  • Do you think a used sunroof frame from a factory-installed Cruze would fit?

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Hood
Outside view
Vehicle Car Sunroof Automotive exterior Auto part
Inside view
Vehicle Car
Single switch
Vehicle Auto part Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior
Does this look right?
(Look there's my Sonic!)
Electronics Electrical wiring Wire Technology Electronic device
Fuse for the sunroof
Tool Measuring instrument
About 32 1/4" wide
Measuring instrument
About 18 3/4" long
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