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I have a P0355 & P0356 on a 4 cylinder ??? -- SOLVED!

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As I said above I am getting a P0355 & P0356 from my Scan Gauge. These codes are referring to cylinders 5 and 6 which I do not have. Does anyone have access to a Chevy factory manual that may give a different explanation for these codes? @Ma v e n @Robby @Valpo Cruze

This is what I have found so far:

P0355 - Ignition Coil E Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction
P0356 - Ignition Coil F Primary / Secondary Circuit Malfunction

Both P0355 & P0356 are generic codes, so they can have several triggers. Here are the most common:
  • Defective ignition coil (COP)
  • Wiring issue
    • Short to voltage or ground on COP driver circuit
  • Poor connection
    • Open on COP driver circuit
    • Loose connection at coil or broken connector locks
  • Faulty PCM
Some Background:

I have recently had my timing chain replaced.
Both Camshaft sensors have been replaced. I also have a new crank sensor but did not install it.
A new coil pack and plugs were just installed. This issue occurred after the timing chain and sensors were replaced, but before the coil and plugs were.
I am tuned.

Current symptoms:

Often when I start the vehicle, the starter runs on more than normal before it starts.
Occasionally it runs on until it just stops. I assume there may be a limit on how long the ECM will allow a crank condition.
When I get on the throttle, it slowly winds out until redline and shifts and repeats. Normally this would occur much quicker and now I sometimes feather the throttle as I am afraid it will over rev.
Once I am at speed, everything seems normal.


I was driving along, came to a stoplight and the motor just stopped. It did however start right back up. This was about four days ago.

i have also pulled the ECU plugs and found no corrosion. See pictures post #9.

Possible solutions (guesses) I may have found so far:

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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I beleive torque app pulls up 10 cylinders if I remember right.
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