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I have a P0355 & P0356 on a 4 cylinder ??? -- SOLVED!

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As I said above I am getting a P0355 & P0356 from my Scan Gauge. These codes are referring to cylinders 5 and 6 which I do not have. Does anyone have access to a Chevy factory manual that may give a different explanation for these codes? @Ma v e n @Robby @Valpo Cruze

This is what I have found so far:

P0355 - Ignition Coil E Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction
P0356 - Ignition Coil F Primary / Secondary Circuit Malfunction

Both P0355 & P0356 are generic codes, so they can have several triggers. Here are the most common:
  • Defective ignition coil (COP)
  • Wiring issue
    • Short to voltage or ground on COP driver circuit
  • Poor connection
    • Open on COP driver circuit
    • Loose connection at coil or broken connector locks
  • Faulty PCM
Some Background:

I have recently had my timing chain replaced.
Both Camshaft sensors have been replaced. I also have a new crank sensor but did not install it.
A new coil pack and plugs were just installed. This issue occurred after the timing chain and sensors were replaced, but before the coil and plugs were.
I am tuned.

Current symptoms:

Often when I start the vehicle, the starter runs on more than normal before it starts.
Occasionally it runs on until it just stops. I assume there may be a limit on how long the ECM will allow a crank condition.
When I get on the throttle, it slowly winds out until redline and shifts and repeats. Normally this would occur much quicker and now I sometimes feather the throttle as I am afraid it will over rev.
Once I am at speed, everything seems normal.


I was driving along, came to a stoplight and the motor just stopped. It did however start right back up. This was about four days ago.

i have also pulled the ECU plugs and found no corrosion. See pictures post #9.

Possible solutions (guesses) I may have found so far:

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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Sorry don't have access to a Chevy FSM. Online googling indicates you might have a bad spark plug or a bad coil for the P0355 code.

No problem, for some reason I thought you did.

I have replaced both the coil and the plug set with new ones, although I really do not think that is the culprit.
Those codes do not exist.
By that I mean the service manual. The ECM is suitable for V8s and thus the needed DTCs for a V8 engine are present.
Any reason why they would present themselves?
It seems as if I have a bad case of CRS. I must have posted this before in my sleep or something as the current one is a much more coherent post:

So I decided to make sure the ECU pins and connectors were not causing me any issues. They look pretty clean.


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Who did the work and set the timing? Something seems off here...
The engine ran great for about two weeks after having the timing done. He would have redone it no charge if that was the issue.

I did however figure out the problem. The "new" exhaust camshaft sensor bit the dust. I reinstalled the factory one I had taken out before thinking it was the original issue and voila, Bob's your Uncle. Runs like a champ again.
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