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I have no definitive answer received yet... regarding down pipe

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Looking for an answer, nothing definitive has come yet... If I buy a downpipe to gain the spooling noise, will I need a midpipe aswell? or am I okay with just the downpipe? Ill only want midpipe if the noise is night and day difference. Again; not looking for gains, not looking for cat back anything... just want to know if I'll hear the spooling with solely a downpipe, and if the midpipe adds a lot more noise and is necessary? Looking for the best spooling noise.
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I would recommend both but you can just install the dp. The more you replace the more pronounced the sound will be.
I ran the catless DP only with Borla and I gained a decent amount of spooling sound and it was perfectly safe. When I paired them with the catless MP it was a NIGHT AND DAY difference in spooling sound. The spool was nearly as loud as the exhaust note itself.
I have Catless downpipe with no resonator and a magnaflow muffler. Sounds like a diesel truck in the lower rpms but once you floor it, it sounds amazing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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