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I need a new key. 2015 LTZ

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Morning everybody,
New guy here. I've read as many posts about replacement keys as I can find, and still am a little iffy on getting a replacement. My wife and I just bought a 2015 Cruze LTZ and love it (traded in the in-law's Smart Fortwo, thank god). But it was used and only came with one key. I really don't want to deal with a GM dealer and all the ones local to me (x3) said they'd have to get the key from the factory, so I'd have to wait anyway. I tried ordering part #13584829, which is listed as the OEM key; well apparently there's a nationwide shortage and orders are going unfilled. I went to another OEM site and they found a dealer that had one in stock, but he said that part number is a precut key, not a blank. (maybe meaning that the key is blank, but for the price it 'comes with cutting'?)

In previous threads folks have suggested:

And a number of other places. I have talked with a local locksmith and he's got a laser cutter, and the instructions on reprogramming a blank key seem pretty straight forward. The questions are:

  1. Does anyone reading this have actual experience with getting one of these keys? eBay seems too good to be true.
  2. Are they blank?
  3. Does the 2014, 5-button key work for a 2015?

This would serve as our backup key anyway, so a 'knockoff' isn't really an issue, as long as it works.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance.

**also, side question, is there a way to start the car if the key is dead? Like, how do you turn the engine over? It's my first push button starter.