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I see it is Drive scooter with really small batteries. Most scooters batteries weigh more than that entire scooter. The range is going to be limited, the batteries are 10ah batteries. If you think of AH (amp hours) as gallons it has a 10 gallon tank. The scooters I work on from daily from Invacare and Pride have 35 and 55 amp hour batteries. The motor is also going to be very small,

If your use is going to be a short trip to a store or a doctors visit you should be fine. I would think trip t Wal-Mart driving it up and down the aisles would drain the battery. The recharge time is going to take about 5 hours to charge up between uses.

Drive is not known for making a quality product in my 7 years of experience working on their equipment. If it is very lite use you should be fine. Just don't expect years of reliable service from the scooter. A lot of drive parts such as bearing in my experience are not off the shelf parts and are harder to find if broken. That is my 2 cents worth.
As someone who may be in the market soon, can you recommend a quality option?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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