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I've been down the road of trying to use the drawbars that convert 1.25" to 2" when I did a cargo basket on the back of the Cruze. The problem I found is that it extends the platform too far away from the bumper and the entire carrier starts to sag, causing low clearance issues.

I'd take a look at the Curt Manufacturing Small 1.25" cargo basket. I have it, and I love the design. The shank is S shaped, so the basket sits level with the top of the bumper. This provides a lot more ground clearance for the basket when going over bumps.

My carrier is rated for 200 lbs, and I've had a cooler and grill on them for nearly 1500 miles on a road trip. Getting the mobility scooter up onto that platform maybe a problem. I've seen the carriers that have one side that becomes a ramp and you drive the scooter up it. I think that's too big for the Cruze. It's going to sit too far from the bumper and sag to low.

You would have to google the dimensions of this unit. An electric wheelchair probably doesn't reduce in width, possibly making my suggestion difficult.

Custom Hitch Shop Maybe???

Just some ideas.

Good Luck
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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