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I received a giant box today (New headlight)

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So, I received this giant box today from the ebay seller Sabersport
I'll post the link, but moderator have the right to erase the link:

So I opened it and I found a box in a box

No, I found two box in a box :D

The package was very well packaged

Oh, what can I see? :D

That's my new headlight ^^

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I love these lights, going on a deployment next month, leaving my 2012 Cruze with my Dad, gonna order these lights and have him get them installed so when I get home they are all ready to go. I want some night photos PLEASSEEEE.

I am thinking about purchasing a set from this seller. Have you had any problems with them? Any moisture or water getting into them?

Ive had them in my cruze for about two years now, no problems with any moisture, had to replace the low beam bulb in one of them, got them at AutoZone for $5 for two so I changed both low beams.

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So do these actuall change the DRLs to the LED strip?
Nope, this was an extra add-on i put in that taps into the LED U's
Ive had these lights for 1.5 years and no issues. I did have a low beam go out and I replaced with a HID kit from amazon. Left lamp is quite a tight fit when changing low beam bulbs though
Same for me. Luckily my dad owns an auto shop in NC so I took it up there and took the bumper and headlights out to replace the bulbs. Much easier
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