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I received a giant box today (New headlight)

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So, I received this giant box today from the ebay seller Sabersport
I'll post the link, but moderator have the right to erase the link:

So I opened it and I found a box in a box

No, I found two box in a box :D

The package was very well packaged

Oh, what can I see? :D

That's my new headlight ^^

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Ive always liked these lights. I wish a group buy couldve happened. I think there was a try on a GB once but the seller wasnt on here as a vender. Too bad maybe ill just have to break down and spend some cash on them. How long did shipping take?
Ive had these lights for 1.5 years and no issues. I did have a low beam go out and I replaced with a HID kit from amazon. Left lamp is quite a tight fit when changing low beam bulbs though
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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