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I spoke to soon about my Cruze - another issue!

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I have a issue it seems w/ my Cruze, today I was rolling down the road & then I smell this awful smell like something is dead under my car mixed like something was burning. After inspecting the coolant its full, checked the oil its full, checked the brake fluid its full. Then I turn my wheel all the way to the left & got a couple pictures of some type of fluid, my initial thought was axle grease. However its really wet not really greasy at all really. Please see attached images.

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You know I thought the same thing so I looked further at the exhaust & it seems fine & the catalytic converter & it all seems fine, just as mentioned in my last reply it just isolated to that area, now maybe I can get the car higher up tomorrow & take a closer look.

& yes its oily ( not saying its oil ) because I do not know at this point, but there isn't any type of thick like grease that I can see at all.

So you are saying even tho my oil level seems fine that I could still be leaking oil but spraying only when under pressure? Possible?
Very possible. I had no discernible drop in oil level but had a oil leak around the timing cover.
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