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I think maybe a oil leak?

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Hello All,

I am back with yet another problem, it seems I have noticed a small oil leak. Let me first give you a run down on how this all occurred it seems I begin to smell a burning smell that would come into the cabin of the car when the heater was on I just turned it off & didn't brother w/ it until next service date. However today I noticed under my car was a small oily spot so I jacked the car up a little on the passenger side & got under the car I noticed there fresh oil on the connection of the manifold to the catalytic converter. So I took my light & looked up in there it looks like there & its really oil wet seems somewhere between the manifold and the turbo, does anyone have any suggestions or experienced this issue?, & what its gonna cost to fix this is gonna be warranty or is this gonna come out of pocket for me?

If its not one thing its another w/ this car, it seems to have more trouble then any car I have ever owned.
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Where there is oil down on the bottom of the manifold connection to the catalytic converter. Could this possible be the engine oil cooler? I honestly hope not tho anyone?

UPDATE: It seems I may be confusing on what actually that is called I was referring oil on the manifold but its actually the manifold exhaust where it connects to the catalytic converter. & in that area I look up & I noticed its really wet in that upper area & I notice something that looks like the referenced above "engine oil cooler" I have been doing some searches & it seems the Cruze 1.4L Turbo engines has these?
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