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I bought the car last Saturday, and then on Tuesday I purchased a used intake manifold with MAP, fuel rail, injectors, purge valve, and IM to turbo hose because I knew that I would have to do the PCV fix. No problems, no codes, no sucking sounds, etc., but just getting ready for it. I was planning on purchasing a used TB spacer as well. I had looked for the TB spacer when I bought the car, and didn't see one.

So about 15 minutes ago I pulled the JY IM to turbo hose to install on the car, as the current hose has duct tape on it, and I noticed a T-fitting at the IM for the brake booster.

Thinking, that's not stock, I followed it under the IM, and I see a cylinder of gold and teflon tape.

I sent my Scangauge 2 off for updating, and I will check my boost levels to see if it has a tune in it.The injectors look the same as the JY injectors, so I'm not too confident.

Oh well, I guess I'll just be buying the leak test kit from


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