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So on the way home the other night. The previous stops there wasnt a rough idle. Then i stop it rough idles for a second and the engine light shoots on and then is fine the rest of the ride home. Normally it rough idles if i downshift or something makes the dipstick pop out causing an air leak.

Previous fixes have been the entire valve cover. As well as a few sensors. I dont know if there is another air leak somewhere.

Thanks for the help too!

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Something is causing a negative pressure in the block. With an increased air intake volume, the air/fuel mixture becomes lean (more air than required) and this lean condition makes the engine run rough (lean misfire). When the fuel injection compensates for this, it re-establishes the correct mixture (within a few moments) and the engine idle generally smooths out.

Go to an Auto Zone or similar parts outlet and ask them to check for codes via the OBD-II port. They will give a receipt with possible solutions to your problem hoping that you will buy the parts from them.
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