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I bought my 2015 Chevy Cruze LT1 in February, less than a year ago. For the last couple weeks, every once in a while when I’m driving my car it would sort of jerk a little bit, kind of like my car is jumping- that’s the only way I can explain it. It would do this mainly when I’m accelerating.

Well yesterday I was on the highway on my way to work and I was passing a semi truck and while I was accelerating to pass him it started doing the jerking thing again and then all of the sudden my check engine light was flashing and my service traction control light came on. After a few minutes the engine light went off and the STC light stayed on. When I left work the STC light was not on anymore so nothing was showing up on my dashboard at all.

I took my car in today to get looked at and the mechanics found the issue- my ignition coil is out of place and it’s sparking when I run my car. So if any sort of flammable liquid were to drip on it when it would probably start my car on fire. It’s going to cost about $800 to fix it, but I just want to know where this issue could’ve came from?

Is $800 a typical price to fix this sort of issue? Or should I buy the parts myself and have someone else do it? Any information would be helpful as I don’t really know the first thing about fixing a car.

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Unless you're over 100k miles, this car should still be under the 5 years/100k mile powertrain warranty, which I'd expect the coil to be covered by.

Definitely is not even close to an $800 repair, even if the dealer (a reputable one) did it.

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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Consider doing it yourself. A few simple tools and an hour of time. Take your time, have the engine warm, not hot as this aids in removal. If a boot gets stuck, use a small screwdriver lightly coated with dielectric grease, first insert into the opening and run the driver against the boot in a circular fashion - basically pinching the boot between the screwdriver and the head wall.

Next, (re-coat the driver if needed) gently push it between the boot and the head and similarly run the driver around the boot to finish loosening it up. If you cannot pull it out with your fingers by now, a needle-nose pliers will help, just be careful not to rip the boot. If the coil pack is indeed no good, replace it. I would thoroughly inspect the boots first though.

If there are any tears or it is deformed in anyway, consider replacing the boot. I think I've read that you can purchase them separately, but don't quote me on that. If you do decide to buy another coil pack, you may want to keep the good boots for a spare.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.

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