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Hi guys.....I have a 2013 LT Turbo. I bought it 2 yrs. ago. I have had nothing but problems. 1 month after I got it.(it had 15000 MI) I had to replace the
1. water pump.
2. Then Temp. Sensor
3. Water inlet hoses???
4. Thermostat
5. Thermostat again!
6. Battery
There's more I just can't recall rt now.
* Since purchase the car stereo-dashboard-Power Steering shuts down and goes back on intermittently. While driving! The thing dies out of nowhere too and I'm scared I will crash! Now it makes a clanging sound after I had it serviced. Like I heard it on my way home from the dealership.They say my struts are out $569.00!
Tonight on my way to the gym it overheats again. WTH? This can't be normal. Help! I found many many docs from GM To Dealers about safety recalls and how they are to " handle" the situations. I think it's weird. My year is not safe in my opinion. anyone else having any of the same issues as mine(above)?
I'm a very happy person ordinarily? (seriously Lol) I'm just frustrated and going broke over a pretty new car.(I traded in my 09 Mercedes for this sensible car)
After all the repairs the car only has 50,000 miles now. Ive never heard of anything like this.
So thanks for listening?

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Not being safe and not being dependable are two different issues. G.M. has addressed any known safety concerns for your model but that doesn't mean it will be trouble free. The problems you experienced are somewhat common, and 2013 wasn't one of the finest years in CRUZE history. I bet you saved $10,000 over what I paid for one new in 2014

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I feel for you. My Cruze was the newest and most expensive car I have ever purchased but has had the most things go wrong and been the most expensive to maintain.
I did get a longer honeymoon period than you.
I got my 2011 in 2014 with 12k miles on it.
Water pump went out in 2015 at 37k. Chevy covered it.
Cracked piston at 42k Jan 2016. Chevy will not warranty it.
Got new engine but that one had PCV/oil burning issues.
Then it lost the PCV nipple. I sealed that up and made my own with an added a catch can.
Then it burst the valve cover diaphragm.
Then the thermostat went.
Now at 58k, the 2nd motor decides it wants to always shoot out a smoke screen, have no power, and run out of oil.
I like the car but hate the POS engine.
It really pisses me off when I see the Chevy commercials about them having the most cars with J.D. Powers reliability awards.
They must have learned what not to do with the Cruze.
End rant

Good luck.
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