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I'm all tears, heh heh.

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I'm all tears because the poor Saudis will lose their gasoline (and other oil product) support starting Jan 1 2016........happy new year guys/gals.

Their regular pump price is doubling from $.12 per litre to $.24 per for us folks operating off gallons and dollars that means they went from about $.50 per gallon to $1.00.

This is a result of the 'per barrel' $'s dropping.........Yahoo article says they are lining up to get their last cheap fill.......shades of the U.S. during the first embargo when our prices passed a half buck in 1973.......thanks to a very young OPEC.

Another, 'what goes around, comes around' moment.

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So what's that mean for us? Cheaper gas prices?
So what's that mean for us? Cheaper gas prices?
I don't care about the price of gas, BUT I do about the price of diesel :)
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About 40 years ago I remember my father telling anyone who'd listen that when gas got to $1 a gallon he would sto driving.

Today he drives a Cadillac XTS.
Remind him everyday that he's a liar
Yeah, you're right. And now that I think about it he also told me that Santa Claus is real.

More material to work into his eulogy...
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