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I'm baaaack!

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Just Picked up a 2017 LT Gen 2 Hatchback for the wife, so here are some initial thoughts that weren't already captured.

A couple of initial thoughts compared to my previous Gen 1.

  • I prefer the MyLink in the previous just seemed easier to use. Maybe I'm partial after putting countless hours and tears into spearheading that upgrade.
  • Gen 2 Start-Stop is awesome. I'm pushing 40MPG in mostly 2 laned back woods New England driving.
  • The computer in Gen 2 blows Gen 1 our of the water.
  • I tend to prefer the cluster in Gen 1. The speedo from this reminds me of the Cobalt.

All in all- glad to be back on Cruzetalk again! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Family car Mid-size car
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The second gen Cruze is overall significantly better4 that's why I got two. The mylink is faster in the new cars, so I'll blame your personal feelings there. :p
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