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I'm baaaack!

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Just Picked up a 2017 LT Gen 2 Hatchback for the wife, so here are some initial thoughts that weren't already captured.

A couple of initial thoughts compared to my previous Gen 1.

  • I prefer the MyLink in the previous just seemed easier to use. Maybe I'm partial after putting countless hours and tears into spearheading that upgrade.
  • Gen 2 Start-Stop is awesome. I'm pushing 40MPG in mostly 2 laned back woods New England driving.
  • The computer in Gen 2 blows Gen 1 our of the water.
  • I tend to prefer the cluster in Gen 1. The speedo from this reminds me of the Cobalt.

All in all- glad to be back on Cruzetalk again! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Family car Mid-size car
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Welcome back! They were just saying where has modalita been? Hey when you mention the computer is better what exactly have you noticed. Is the additional HP worth noting. How do you feel driving a Mexican made Car? We got some very opinionated posters a while ago saying they never would buy a CRUZE not made in the U.S.A.
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