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I'm done lurking....

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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks now. I'm in the middle of switching to a new job that would require about 90 mile drive one way, so i was looking for something better than my current car on gas. I currently driving a 2008 Dodge Charger SXT AWD that can barely get 19/20 mpg on the highway. Of all the cars I've been looking at, the cruze is definitely the one I want. IMO, it has the best styling in its class. So I'm looking to a pick up a used 2013 LT2 within the next week.

I plan on keeping this car for a long time, so I was wondering if there any things I should be considering doing to the car once I get it. One thing I've read from lurking is to get an oil catch can. Anything else? Once I get it, I'm planning on getting an Injen CAI and the Trifecta tune for it. If there's one gripe I have about the cruze, is that I think it's a little underpowered. Since I'll be coming from a V6 that I also had some mods done on, I'll definitely be getting the tune to appease my right foot.

Another question I have is, has anyone ever done a conversion of their side marker lamps to turn signals, or made it work as both? I've searched but maybe my search wasn't extensive enough.

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Thanks for the replies. I was looking at the Eco, but I found a good deal by a private seller on this LT2, that's why I'm biting on it. It has 12K miles and I was able to bargain it down to $11300. From what I've seen on autotrader and, it seems like a good deal. Besides I don't know if there's any performance difference between the LT and the Eco, but I'm all for more performance. Which ever one I get will still be getting way better gas mileage than what I'm currently driving.
Thanks for all the replies guys.

thats a really good deal.
I know, right? It seems like a really good deal and the guy has been patient with me while i try to drum up the cash.

Driving 90 miles in Michigan on snow covered roads? Ha, I would think about moving. Wife's co-worker is 55 miles away, know the roads, a poorly maintained state road and country roads. Many times she will spend the night here, or use up her PTO when she can't make it.

We settled on the 2LT wanted manual with a spare tire, electrically heated seats, and leather. In the summer can average 46 mpg if I can hold it to 63 mph. Winter don't ask, never know what kind of gas I am buying in Wisconsin. Tank before was only 27 mpg. Last tank was 32 mpg. Only use ethanol free 91 octane. The best we have around here.
Moving is totally out of the question. I don't mind the drive. It's not the first time I've driven long distances for work. I'll just have to take extra care of the car.

The new left over diesels are less than 20k. That's the deal if you're looking for LOTS of highway pick up. These thing really shine pulling from 60-70 to 90-100mph.
You also mentioned getting something that'll last as you'll be putting down 25k a year on the clock. Again that's diesel hands down.
Although if you compare it to the good deal on the used one, it's harder to justify the extra 8k. If that deal falls apart, hunt for a dealer leftover.


A fellow member is selling a big TD somewhere in Michigan, might be a match.
Definitely not looking to spend that much, but I'm interested in the diesels also. Although, I don't know how diesel prices compare to gasoline.

Eco is more light weight and no spare tire
Not sure I like the idea of no spare tire. Besides the styling of the Eco doesn't quite strike my fancy as the LT does. I don't like those rims
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