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I'm not new here but....

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Just wanted to let everyone know today I was throwing pitch for our forum to a nice lady with a 2011 Cruze LS. She got out of her car when I did and I asked about her Cruze(year and style etc.) We started talking and she saw my license plate which got me to mentioning my screen name and our forum to read up about her car if she had any questions.

I will occasionally do this when I see someone getting out of their Cruze. Shame we don't get a "kickback" for membership promotion! LOL
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I wish we had some sort of business cards for the forum, maybe with our screen names on them as the person who referred them or recommended the forum to them. Would be cool, and i'd keep some in the car if I had some!
Wonder if I can whip up a template? Give me a couple hours.
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