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I don't know about this car. Bought it used with 33,000 miles, had nothing but problem after problem. Overheated on the highway, clue that something was going wrong, couldn't get any heat from the vents. Car eventually spiked temperature, I pulled over, no coolant. 2 kids in backseat Interstate 495 with 20 mins to get to Jumping Ninja Warrior Trampoline Land(Needless to say, I had to solve this on the spot) Luckily I had a couple bottles of water that saved the day.
Took it in and was told I needed to replace the water outlet as it was leaking, not sure how they confirmed that was the issue as my understanding in order to find a drip there should be some coolant in the car and it was pretty bone dry by the time I took it in the week( I let it sit for a week, making time to make the 500 yard trip to the Dealership). They want $400 for a $22 part, so I don't plan on taking it back. Bought a bottle of Coolant, tightened the hoses and have been trying to find the leak. 100 miles later nothing... Coolant still at the same level and no puddles of coolant to be found....


frustrated cruz owner
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