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Springs are a point of contention for me, as I don't necessarily agree with some of compromises made to suspension geometry when a vehicle is lowered (dynamic camber, for instance). For street purposes, the OEM ride height on OE/RS springs is ideal, but I understand that some people place a great deal of value on center of gravity.

OEM: For the most mild lowering, you can simply pull springs off of another Cruze with the Eco or RS package. Be sure the transmission matches the vehicle you are pulling the springs off. The Eco/RS springs are 10mm lower than other Cruzes are.
By "Matching" do you just mean auto or manual?

that's what is sounds like but i just want to make sure, looking into reducing wheel gap and think eco springs might be something in the future.. I don't want to be slammed just want a touch less wheel gap.

If i did the eco springs do you think id need stiffer absorbers with them only being 10mm difference from the 1lt springs?

will be doing both the add on front and rear swaybars at the same time as the springs, or by themselves even if i don't do the eco springs..

the only other thing i could think of would be to get one or two sizes taller of a tire.

say stock tire is 215/60R16 and i went to a 215/65/R16, has anyone done this and not had any clearance issues?

I just don't want it to rub and mess anything up and all the info i can find about rims and tires seems to be about aftermarket which i don't plan on doing currently.
(Car sits outside in a "urban" area so aftermarket would likley go missing pretty quick)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts