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Indicator Volume

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Hi guys,

I recently installed a new sound system off the head unit and now my indicator is inanely loud.

Now I have determined that the sound form the indicators gets thrown through the audio out of the head unit, so me gaining up the new amps is making the indicator loud. If I put my gains on 0 its back to normal, but the sound system is very very quiet.

So my question is, does anyone have the answer to how I can disconnect the indicators volume all together, or is it in built into the head unit?

Model is 2014 Cruze Equip. If you have an answer, I will be very grateful, its getting rather annoying.

Thank you in advance,
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If you used a LOC, you may be stuck with this issue. The only fix that i had was to disconnect the wires that run to the front speakers for the indicators. It is a guess and check honestly. There are two sets of the stock speaker wires that run to the speakers. If you snip one set, and leave the other, the indicator will not play through the speakers. The only other option is to upgrade the head unit, and then the indicator sounds will play through a relay.

Hope this helps somewhat,
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