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Hi, I have a 2017 chevy premier sedan, on the rear trunk panel I can put 2 6by9 speakers I believe. I was looking for a 3 way version, no subwoofer.

Wanted to know if I can just splice the wires of the new speakers into the lower rear passenger door speakers?
I saw some of the posted diagrams on the forum of the stock sound system, it looks like the front was just spliced but I could be wrong. I was hoping the rear could be done the same if it was. Or is there space in the stock amp to add the 6 by 9 speakers, like the bose version of this car?

Don't want to add an amp, or want thunderous sound, just so my child or grand parents can hear music when we do road trips.
Without me going deaf in front as it has to be turned up so they can hear in the back seat.


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I am guessing here, but I think you would be better off using the outputs for the rear door speakers (basically abandon those speakers) and route them to your 6x9's.

Here are a few threads that speak to the Gen I's, but much of the info should still be valid.

[h=1]The SQ Car Audio Thread V2[/h]
[h=1]Added two 6x9 subs to rear deck! chyea![/h]
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