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I guess I'm curious as to what I need, the car gets stored for the winter, I want to use that time to do it, it'll give me 6 months to do it and get all the things I need, I plan on doing the door speakers as well, I don't want to add any options like have orbcamera to the car but I want all current options to remain the same, if that's not possible ill stick with my ugly screen lol

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If you buy the MVI harness and send the radio to be programmed then you can install everything in a couple hours.

If you program the radio yourself, I would plan on a couple hours to disassemble the radio, program the chip and reassemble it.

Building the wiring harness yourself takes a little more time, and you need experience soldering and crimping tiny connectors. But, it's not that hard.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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