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Hello Project84,

We regret to hear that you are experiencing an infotainment concern with your Cruze and realize that you are seeking advice from other forum members. However, if you do wish to have this concern addressed at your local dealership, we would be more than happy to reach out to them and provide and additional layer of support. If this is something you are interested in please send us a private message with your full contact information, VIN, and your preferred dealership.


Netty J.
Chevroelt Customer Care

Only own the car for 2 weeks so not sure if this is a common issue. 2014 2LT RS with 39k miles. I was parked waiting for my daughter to finish tennis practice. Engine off, key in accessory, windows and sunroof open, listening to some music and iPhone plugged in to the USB in the center console. My daughter gets in the car and I start the engine. When I do, the radio screen shut off and music stopped, but this time it didn't come back on. It always does that, then the "MyLink" logo comes on and it picks up the music where it left off, but this time it was blank. I pressed "Nav" to bring up the GPS, i press power button for the radio, I even put it in reverse and got no back-up camera. I shut the car off, took the key out, opened the driver door, then closed it and started the car like I was just getting in. Still no screen, no radio/music. everything else worked like normal.

I got home, shut it off, checked the fuses, none were blown. I started the car again and the screen, radio and everything worked like normal. Is this a common issue or some sort of fluke? I bought the car certified pre-owned from a dealer so its under warranty and i extended the bumper to bumper warranty to 6yr-100k. I have no problem taking it to the dealer for service, but I hate wasting time with intermittent problems where it randomly won't work for me, but works again the first time they start the car.
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