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Late last week I decided to take the plunge and purchase a tuner for my 2015 CTD. I did as much research as I thought possible and ruled the Trifecta Tune out bc of reports here of uneven throttle response and an overall uneven power delivery. My goal for car is not to try to make it a "race car" but to eliminate as much torque lag as possible while bumping up the hp/tq as much as possible while maintaining smoothness. So I thought I was going to go with Fleece Performance and decided to call and place an order. The first number I called, the toll free number listed on their website, rang once and played a disconnected message. The second number, their advertised local number, rang 8 times and then disconnected. I emailed them and got a response that said they had some event at their place of business so wouldn't be answering the phone for 5 days. Uhhhhhh, no thanks. I did some research on the Duramax Tuner and was encouraged by their dyno pulls and driving clips on their YouTube page. I called them and was politely told they licensed the rights and selling of their tune to KermaTDI. I have to hand it to Duramax Tuner though, they methodically answered all my questions about the tune they came up with, even if they no longer sold it since they wanted to focus 100% on the Duramax truck market.

Ok, so I ordered the Kermatdi Tuner last Friday and got it the next Monday. It's truly plug and play. You turn the starter to accessory mode, plug it in, flash and license the stock software (3-4 minutes), turn the starter off when prompted and then repeat that process with one of the three available tunes - economy (20hp), sport-econ (35hp), and race mode (50 hp). I started with race mode. Wow. Plant the throttle from a stop and you'll spin the wheels through most of 1st gear. DEFINITELY a huge power jump but a touch too jumpy for everyday driving. I then tried sport-econ mode which gives you almost every bit of that power (from my butt dyno at least) with a huge smoothing of the throttle. The best way I can describe it would be the turbo lag when stock was a full "one-one thousand" second and this mode drops part to barely the "one.." part. Midrange is bumped up and the car surges forward hard from about 1300rpms to 3k rpms. It's totally awesome.

As a totally unscientific experiment I wanted to measure fuel economy in sport-Econ mode so I got on I-40 with no traffic and set the cruise at 65mph the immediately reset the trip meter and mpg gauges. This is the result..... ImageUploadedByAutoGuide1435682514.466839.jpg

All in all, I'm totally pleased! Definitely worth the $600 with free shipping. I'll have more updates as time goes by and will be comparing the different tunes on a dyno locally in a week or so after my July 4th vacation.
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