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I've had my Cruze for about six weeks now and I look forward to driving it every day. At first I thought the seats a bit too hard, but as they have started to conform to my backside I wouldn't trade them for anything else! The car is quiet and the manual tranny makes the car fun to drive. As a matter of fact the car is so quiet, if I'm in heavy traffic I leave the radio off so I can hear the engine to properly change gears!

I enjoy looking at the upscale and neatly executed dash which I think is a better design than the Malibu (which I thought was out of sight once upon a time) and as good looking as my wife's Terrain.

Mine is the LS and I'm about to replace the stock steal rims with some LTZ lookalikes and when I'm done I'll post some picts of my mods.

Complaints about the car so far? None
I do think the dealership I bought the car from sucks. Isn't that a surprise.:mad:
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