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Insanity inducing squeak

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Hi all! Im new to this forum but I've been reading for a hot minute now. Im the (somewhat) proud owner of a 2014 Chevy Cruze 2LT with the 1.4L Turbo. Ive owned the car for a few months now and put 7k on the Odometer. (Now at 127,957 as of this post)

Ever since I've gotten the car, I've had a squeak in the engine compartment that I've been chasing and I'm at a loss. At the best I can describe it, it sounds like a chirping/squeaking noise, typical for a Cruze. The issue is, I've replaced:
the PCV valve (with the updated part), the serpentine belt,
and the belt tensioner, to no avail.

All I can say about this is that it doesnt start immediately when I start the car, but only when it gets to operating ttemperature, and it changes a bit with the climate control settings. Indicators would typically say that its the waterpump/ac compressor but Im not entirely sure. Some advice would surely be a great help! Thank you!
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I would check that the spark plugs are torqued first. It's a known phenomenon.
Are there any oil leaks in that same area? Crank seal?
I would check that the spark plugs are torqued first. It's a known phenomenon.
Sparkplugs are torqued down and have also been replaced, new coilpack too
Are there any oil leaks in that same area? Crank seal?
None that i can see, even the mechanics I've taken it to have remarked that theyd never seen a leak free cruze before
"sounds like a chirping/squeaking noise, typical for a Cruze"

Front crank seal. $10.00 part. Air being sucked into crankcase past the worn seal under vaccuum.
You were 1/2 way there when doing serp belt and tensioner. It's behind the crank pulley. Take off the wheel well liner for access to actually remove/install the seal. Loosen/tighten crank bolt from above with 18-20" breaker bar while bracing pulley stationary with steel bar or heavy screwdiver. Brace through pulley to timing cover, and under wheel well edge. Right side of pulley to loosen, left side of pulley to tighten. Pay close attention to pulley alignment before removal (mark it) and distance from timing cover and that it is fully seated before tightening bolt when reinstalling. There is a floating "spacer washer" that pulley fits through, can hang it up until just right.
Buy new gm crank bolt.
The seal is tight but will come out with removal tool or screwdriver. New seal is a tight precise fit but will tap in using wood block and light hammer.
This method worked for me on our 2 cruzes. Other members used impact wrench for the bolt. Also, there is a special tool available somewhere to hold the pulley securely when loosening/tightening the bolt.
I'm just a diy hack, this is a very doable job. btw no seal oil leak even though chirping.
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