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Installing a 7" Full touch screen Double Din Head unit, IDEAS!??

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I am inquiring about setting up my 2012 chevy cruze with a doube din setup. i have done some minor research but i am looking for anyone who has done it. what head units have you used. I have also found the fascia kit you can buy with the wire harness kit and i would like peoples opinions on different setups. I want to stick a completely touchscreen setup in the dash no buttons on the outside, it doesnt have to tilt or detach honestly i have no idea what to look for or what is a decent brand. It has been a long time since i have setup a radio but i am a technician for diesel trucks so it wouldnt be too difficult for me. I also would like to upgrade all 4 door speakers and install two 6x9" in the rear deck plate which there is already holes and would like ideas for that and speakers and an amp and some ideas and or fullproof plans to set up an amp to those speakers. I know it is asking alot of the community but i dont want this to be half ass and would like it to look as professional as possible as i do have OCD and like it to be done right. THANKS AGAIN for your input and OPINIONS
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Found Crutchfield to be very honest with aftermarket installation and providing the full installation kit. Would also have the question as to whether that new radio will also duplicate the programming functions of the OE radio.

They just had to make these new radios a part of the data link system with all these additional programming features. Then they added ID codes to the radios that must match the BCM before they will work, yet another question to ask. Really don't know why they do this, actually I do, went to a police auction in town, had a bunch of these ripped out by desperate druggies. Only these kind of people are dumb enough to swipe radios of this type, OE radios are worthless to anyone else. Besides, these were mess, ripped out instead of carefully taken out.

Most I would do, just me, is stick with the OE radio, get better speakers and external amplifiers. Also just me, not very hot on smudge screens with like my smart phone or GPS. Your body has to have a small electrostatic discharge for these things to work that kind of disappears on cool moist days. Have to wear a polyester jacket and rub my fingers on it to get enough of a charge to use my phone. But okay in a home environment.

Sure others have opinions on this subject.

Another thing with using an OEM radio with an external amplifier is searching to see if it has an external amplifier output to switch it on and off. Got around this on one vehicle by adding a 10 milliohm resister in series with the power lead to that does not affect the operation. It's voltage change with the radio on would trigger an op amp circuit that would drive a relay to switch on and off that external amplifier. Have to do that or wake up to a dead battery.
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Is there a harness you can buy for the reae deck speakers? Also would I have to install an amp? I really don't want it to be spliced wires I'd rather install all oem harness
You'll need an amp for the rear deck speakers. You may also want to use an amp for the rear door speakers.
You may also want to consider one of these units

CAR DVD Player Navigation System GPS PIP RDS Navi FOR Chevrolet Cruze 2008 2012 | eBay

I have had one of these units in each of my last 2 vehicles and to honest for the price they can't be touched. The user interfaces are getting better although they still have a few little annoyances. I had direct fit units in my 09 Corolla XRS and in my Speed3 and they both worked very well for the money spent, you definitely won't get all of these features from any top brand manufacturer without selling your first born or re-mortgaging the house. In fact there probably aren't ANY of the top manufacturers even making one like it.
Is there a way to set up an amp and rear door speaker amp without splicing wires

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I just installed a Clarion NX404 from crutchfield. I got it in and working just fine. I lost the functions on the smaller above screen that displayed the climate controls etc. Anyone have any ideas if there is a way to get the climate control display back??
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