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Eleven 90 degree turns from the air inlet to the intake manifold, each 90* turn offers the same restriction as about 25' of straight pipe. Have to get rid of those curves.

Increasing the diameter of the pipe may help a little, but the greatest restriction is in the throttle body itself. This is a series air flow circuit.

Just saying, you may spend a lot of time and money and really won't experience much if any improvement. But it is your time and money.

One major limitation is the use of unleaded gas that requires exhaust gas recirculation to keep your exhaust valves from turning to dust. Switching to water injection would require a major design of the engine.

Getting 1.6 HP per CID is no easy task, most of this aftermarket stuff is BS, airflow starts at the inlet of the air cleaner and ends at the exhaust pipe. So everything between the inlet and outlet has to be changed. Not just a little of this or that.
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