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Hi to all!

I have a quick question about the intake manifolds on our cars. I seem to have broken mine and now it has a vacuum leak...It happened due to hardpiping the intercooler and making it too tight without play...!!
I was able to find a used part for 100 Euro but it has a different part number although it is from an A14NET motor.
I am planning on buying it and just use the plastic manifold, replacing all the other parts with mine (throttle body, injectors and all sensors).
Would it fit or will I have trouble?? My intake manifold is the one with the part number 55581014 and the used one I found has a somewhat smaller number 5557..... something. I checked about the orange valve and it's only concern is if it will fit.
I'd buy a new one but OPEL wants 1400 Euro for it...!!
Thanks in advance for any help!
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