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Intake rattle

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HEy all I recently installed my new intake and I have pics on the last page of my build log so please look there Anywho the intake is mounted I think firmly but from like 1200-2k rpm it rattles on what I think is the ac lines running in that area. My thinking was to take some water pipe insulation and put it over the ac lines to keep the metal on metal at bay. Does this seem like a good idea or does anyone else have other suggestions I tried to loosen clamps and wiggle around but always settles in same place...

Thanks for any and all help guys!
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For some reason when I click on your link it takes me to some other page about a hatchback cruze?. My suggestion is if you're going to put anything over the lines use some convoluted tubing from amazon. You can get it for about 15 bucks and it comes in different colors. Add some color around your engine and protect your lines at the same time.
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