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Interesting Info about LSPI.

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They talk about direct injection but wonder if this had any effect on the gen1 cruzes.

New Oil Technology Needed to Prevent Super Knock
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I don't think a borescope is needed since the head is on the workbench, heh heh.

Anyways, trust me on this.....there is no such thing as a dealer (or any real mechanic) willing to put pistons in a damaged bore.....that is a guaranteed comeback.

For whatever it is worth, the genII aluminum block has steel sleeves cast in place. These are so hard they can take a real beating and not be harmed......much more tolerant than the genI cast iron block.

Terry B........I AM retired and fully intend to continue replacing cars.......I hope you are not one of those 'This is gonna be my last car' types.
When I pull out of a dealer with a new ride (two years on average) I'm so excited I can't wait for the next one!

Anyways, IMO, don't frett....let them do their thing and report back.....they aren't re-inventing the wheel or anything. To you, sounds major, to me, (semi retired wrench) it's just another repair.


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My 2017 Chevy Cruze Premiere is in the shop now because of LSPI - all 4 pistons are being replaced, rings and gaskets. Unfortunately, since GM won't replace the motor, I will be getting rid of the vehicle. No guarantee that the motor isn't already damaged. It's a shame that driving 25 mph can cause LSPI to occur. GM called it a "design flaw", I'm calling it a waste of my money and now when I go car hunting I'll need to stay away from GM, Ford and Honda vehicles as all have been using the same downsized, boosted engines that can easily slip into LSPI.
What were your symptoms for you to take it in if I may ask?
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