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Those really depends on how and when you want them on. For instance my lights are ran off of them dome light and an add a fuse by a 3 way switch. I realized after their fact that if you tap into the dome light they will come on when you open their doors but also when you manually turn them dome light on. So if you want or need them on and don't want the dome light on use a 3 way switch. If you don't mind the dome light on with them or just want them on when opening doors then no need to use a switch. As far as hiding them it's really not hard. I used 2 strips of led's from advance auto and cut them into singles to spread them out and wired accordingly. Cost me about $25 for my whole job. If any more questions don't hesitate to ask if I can't help you I'm sure somone on here can. Hope that helps out!

Can also post some pics of my mounting locations if wanted.

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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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