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For starters, I'd be more worried about hiding the LED strip than the cords. The whole point is the glow, you don't want to see the actual light itself.

Considering that most LED strips are 12-16" in length and are not flexible - if you can hide them, then you should have no problem hiding a tiny flexible wire.

Just get up under there and check it out. Probably one of the easiest mods to any car ever. Just take a whack at it. If you don't like it, redo it!

To me, the fun of car modding is the experience.

I tinted my first set of tail lights a few months ago. Did they come out perfect? No. Would I do a million things different next time? Yes.

I'm currently literally *right now* in the process of painting my interior trim pieces. Perfect? No. Do something different next time? Yes.

That's half the point!

Just play with it. Focus on doing what YOU want on YOUR car. And learn.

^^^ This applies to the where and how question. As to what fuse to tap into for power, not sure, haven't done this yet. Look in your owners manual for the cigarette lighter fuse and tap in there - from there, you may want to add a switch.

Have fun! Just check it out and learn. If you do everything by the book and follow everything step by step of what others do, how "original" do you think your car will be?

P.S. If you prefer computers rather than paper - like most people these days - enjoy this PDF Cruze Owners manual: and Videos/02_pdf/2k14cruze 2nd print.pdf

Pro-tip: Page 10-42 ;)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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