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Intermittent No Start, No Crank

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I have a 2012 Cruze Eco with 125K Miles. Over the past few months, at a frequency of about 1 or 2 times a month, I will have a No Strat, No Crank situation. Additionally, I will get the following messages on the dashboard:
Service Airbag
Service Stabilitrack
Service Power Steering
Service Power Assist

Other things I notice when this issue happens is that when I open the door, the mileage does not appear, the 4 way hazards do not all work, When locking the vehicle and pressing the lock button twice the horn does not sound, and the Radio will stay on even after the door is opened after an attempt to start. Generally, once the radio shuts off I am able to start and drive away. The battery voltage reads 12.5V when this issue occurs.

I have not had the negative battery cable replaced, however There is another TSB out for this issue as well. It is labeled:

#09-06-03-004E: Intermittent No Crank/No Start, No Module Communication, MIL, Warning Lights, Vehicle Messages or DTCs Set by Various Control Modules - Diagnosing and Repairing Fretting Corrosion

I was wondering if anyone else has had these exact symptoms and what was found to be the cause. My vehicle is not under warranty so I would like to be certain of the cause before I either try to repair it myself or have work performed to repair the issue.

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I think a good starting point would be to have the negative battery cable replaced per the special instruction notice. There were issues with the '11s and '12s where the ground connections were painted over during assembly because the nuts were not run down to the body prior to the run through the paint room, and this resulted in grounds going bad after some period of time due to corrosion and paint.
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I found this while poking around today. Looks like I had a loose connection on the positive side of the battery.

Product Auto part Vehicle Engine Technology
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Looks like a good place to start. (No pun intended.)
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