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intermittent oil leak

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So a week ago I was on my way to work and as I exit the interstate and pull up to the stop light I notices a strong burning oil/gas smell. I thought nothing of it And assumed it was coming from the semi in front of me. Well when I got to work I noticed smoke coming from the grill. I popped the hood and there was oil all over and my oil cap was missing. Assumed the oil cap came loose and fell off so I bought a New one to replace it. Since then I've noticed oil on the ground underneath my car. Apparently I'm loosing oil at a rate of a quart every few days. I'm wondering if to much pressure built up causing the cap to pop off and created a leak somewhere. I've started the car a few times and a stream of oil would come out and then stops. Seems to only leak when I start or turn off the car. Just wondering what could be the culprit. The car seems to be running fine and I haven't got any codes.
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Look behing the crank pulley, and in between the trans and engine at the bottom.
It sounds like a rear main or front seal popped out.
If pressure built up enough to unseat the oil cap, it will push seal out of place.
Question is: what caused this pressure?
Bad pcv, or excessive blow by?
If it is under warranty, tow it to the dealer.
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