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Intermittent Shaking around 1700-2000rpm in 4th, 5th, and 6th gear

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I have a '17 Cruze Diesel with the 6spd manual transmission, just shy of 10k miles. It has recently developed a very heavy shuddering/shaking/bucking behavior that comes and goes, usually under the following conditions:
-Fairly light throttle
-Speeds above 40mph (Gears 4-6)

When this happens, there appears to be a significant loss of engine power, and any additional throttle given worsens the shaking. Not much noise to speak of. If anything, it sounds faintly like the engine is sputtering. Reminiscent of EGR issues in my old Honda Insight.

Shaking immediately stops when clutch is pressed in and transmission shifted into neutral. Engine sounds fine and revs normally in neutral while coasting at these speeds, but any attempt to shift back into gear and drive results in more shaking. I have to coast/brake down to a lower speed, shift into a lower gear, and then pick back up to speed in order to continue driving.

Other users have mentioned premature failure of the flywheel as well as injector issues
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My Auto sedan did this for a couple weeks, usually only when climbin grades or needing to lightly accelerate.

It's since gone away, I attributed it to bad fuel fill, I've not gotten diesel at the that station since and haven't had this issue. I've even tried to force it to do it, by lugging a hill and it just with do it.

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Light throttle, low RPM, doesn't matter the gear...sounds like EGR system/valve acting up.
OBD-II reader is showing a pending fault with code P144E which is EGR related, no CEL yet.

I don't know a ton about the sensor data one can pull in with an OBD-II reader, but I did notice a few oddities. I am seeing a much higher EWMA misfire count for cyl 1 vs cyl 2-4. Cyl 1 has been reading between 30 and 50 over the last few days while the rest of the cylinders have either been 0 or 1. These aren't very high numbers, but the disparity between cyl 1 and 2-4 is notable.
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