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Internal Engine Mods

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I'm looking for anyone who has actually done any internal engine mods. Where did you get pistons? I got a set from JE, but I don't think they were listed in their catalog. You have to call and special order. Early on we broke a couple of stock piston ring lands and had to clean up the bores. They weren't "round."

Has anyone tried using the Volt pistons, they are .040" larger. The Cruze cylinder wall may not have enough strength to bore that far.

A mild port job on the inside edges of the cylinder head intake ports does "seem" to work. Performance Concepts of Iowa can do that job. (319-373-5321) ask for Steve.

I can verify the VT valve springs work. They will rev to 7500 RPM.
I can also verify the BNR "special" tune for my Jeep flows more CFM than the Trifecta tune.

I need to decide to sell my great running 2012 Cruze engine with mild ported head, VT valve springs, and ported intake manifold, (Denise Cashmore used it to win the 2015 SCCA SOLO DML National Championship) AND then start over with 2016 Cruze 1.4.
OR tear apart my engine, bore it, install forged pistons, and new Turbonetics TNX20 turbo, OR ,
Anyone want to buy a faux 1952 Jeep CJ SCCA D Mod autocross car?