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Hello all, just wondering how many owners from Iowa we have. Perhaps we can set something up so we can all get together in the future.
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Surely we have some owners who are located in Iowa so that we could organize a meet of some kind.
There are several Iowans here from the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids areas. I, myself, am from rural north-central Iowa.
I'm surprised that no meets have been scheduled within Iowa. Although I am sure winter is a excellent deterrent lol
I'm in the DSM area and just got a Cruze, if anyone's still around and interested!
I also just got mine. Working on a few visual mods along with a couple performance mods. My vinyl to get rid of 90% of the chrome should be here tomorrow!

Oh yeah I live in Cedar Rapids. Sometimes in DSM for work. But not like 2 hours is a terribly long drive when my daily drive is an hour 20 mins.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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