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iPhone USB cable bends after a few month's use--here's a simple fix

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Here's a quick little fix I came up with for my iPhone USB cable. The way the cable is made, it's not very reinforced where the wire goes into the plug. So when it's plugged in on the Cruze, the cable flops over to the side from it's own weight. After a while it gets bent enough that the cable fractures (see old cable in the pics) and you start having problems getting your car to recognize the iPhone is plugged in.

I bought a new cable and made a strain relief using a short piece from a large zip tie, held in place by two smaller zip ties. It's stiff but somewhat flexible so the cable doesn't bend so sharply. I had to adjust the length so it's not too long, otherwise the cable still sharply bends, but at a different place (namely, where the lid closes against it).

I suppose you could also get the same effect by wrapping turns of a piece of solid copper insulated wire around the cable so it would wind up looking like a spring.

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