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Hey, friends.

Another newbie question:

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I have a 160 gig iPod Classic that I am using with my 2012 Cruze. It has been having a terrible time staying locked to the Cruze's radio, and will refuse to show up in the display, saying messages like "No compatible devices/data found" or it will just not show up as an option. If it DOES work for awhile, it will often stop connecting if I shut the car off to go into a store or something, and when I come back out, it refuses to talk to the iPod. I have changed USB cords so I know it is not a bad connection there. Sometimes I can get it to see my iPod by disconnecting, rebooting the iPod then re-hooking up the USB cable. Then sometimes it will just click in by itself while I am driving and start playing. Anybody else struggling with their Cruze/iPod connection?
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