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IPod stopped working

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Out of the blue, I can no longer play music from my usb connected IPod. I can select the song, but nothing plays when I press the play button. The IPod plays music normally when disconnected from the car.

Any ideas? Reset procedures?

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1. Check your cord
2. Try turning on vehicle, then iPOD, then plug in if all else fails ...
3. Check your cord, no really did you change the format or incorporate some folders etc on iPOD?
4. Search the forum, there are more and probably better responses already posted.
I re-set my iPod whenever things like that happen, have you done that?
I've had nothing but problems with my 6th gen iPod. It works fine in other cars. But in the Cruze, it will find the device, start playing music, then freeze the device and cause it to reset. Sometimes it won't read at all, where other times it works fine for 2-10 songs, then freezes the iPod.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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