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I just bought a 2017 cruze premier and this is the first smart vehicle I've ever owned, my previous being an 03 ford taurus so it's a pretty big jump into the digital age for me.

First thing I noticed was the rds option is on yet it only maybe gets station and song name info for only one station. I saw the posts from last december and was wondering if there has been any improvements on it. Reason I'm wondering about it is because my friends 2012 GMC suv can pick up station info and song names for every station in our area and my car seems to be unable to. Maybe the antenna isn't as strong as his? Maybe there's a way to upgrade the antenna??

The second thing is the wifi capabilities. I can connect my phone(android one plus 5) to the cars hotspot but I can't load anything. I am assuming because I don't have an onstar plan that's the reason as to why I can't actually connect to the internet from my phone. Which leads me to the next question, if i dont have the onstar plan then why does it still show on the cars screen the 4g LTE and wifi symbol?

My next question is that is it possible to connect my car to my phones hotspot? I tried earlier today by typing in my phones hotspot name, selecting the wpa2 and entering in the password to which then it said that it could not connect

final question if I cannot connect to my phones hotspot for internet then how can I use the software update option to update my car?

I'm just so brand new to all these features it blows my mind

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RDS is, for some reason, off by default - at least that's what happens to my 2016 when the battery is unplugged. It's in the radio settings somewhere to turn it on.

Yes, usually they include a trial WiFi package with a new car for 3 months or so. The car's screen shows that it's connected to the AT&T network, but that's all that that means.

Someone with a 2017, I believe, said that they were able to connect to their home network. My 2016 will not, so I can't help there.
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