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January '17 COTM Submission Thread

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All members are eligible and encouraged to enter!
Entries must be made by January 20th. Voting will begin January 21st, and end on January 31st.

The winner will receive:
-A $25 discount code from Bad News Racing
-Their choice of one of two products from Titan Synthetics*,
-A pair of Diode Dynamics' HP3 license plate lights.
-A COTM badge and a reserved place in the "COTM Hall of Fame".
-NEW: Your car will be featured on the CruzeTalk Facebook page.
*One bottle of Amsoil P.I. Performance Improver or one can of Amsoil Miracle Wash

Contest Rules
Make a post in this thread with the following Information:
Descriptive Thread Title: ie: John's Featured Cruze
Submission Name: John Doe (Full Name Optional)
Location: State, City
Info: Car Year, Make, Model, Trim
Stock Options: XM, Onstar ....
Modifications: (Separate Categories: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Future plans, Other info: {shows/awards won})
Display up to 10 "QUALITY" and well deserving images following the text above.

Entry Rules: You must be the owner of the Cruze you are submitting. 10 images max.One submission per member per month. Past winners may enter again after 6 months from the original winning date. You will NOT be added to the voting thread without a submission in THIS thread.

No discussions in this thread. Just submissions.

Admin reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary, at any time

Members that are still on their victory lap:
August GmMillwright
September Two7Elevens
October UpstateNYBill
November Smurfenstein
December DKovac12

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Descriptive Thread Title: Damien's Featured Cruze

Submission Name: Damien

Location: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Info: 2011, Chevrolet Cruze, ltz

Stock Options: XM, Onstar, leather seats, heated front seats, electric drivers seat, remote start, back up radar, 18" premium rims

Modifications: plasti-dipped rims, LED bulbs all around entire car (excluding blinkers I haven't found one that gives off a color I like) k&n high flow air filter in the stock intake, painted turbo heat shield

Future plans: BNR performance chip, muffler delete, newer rims tires, and RI legal limit tint

Display up to 10 "QUALITY" and well deserving images following the text above.

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Descriptive Thread Title: MJ's Featured Cruze

Submission Name: MJ

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Info: 2014 Chevy Cruze LS

Stock Options: XM, Onstar, 16" WR6 rims

Modifications: Ground effects by Razzi, rear wing from Dawn Enterprises

Future plans: Cruz'n with cruise control Land vehicle Vehicle Chevrolet cruze Car Chevrolet
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Mid-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Full-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Motor vehicle
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Descriptive Thread Title: Eric's RS Hatch

Submission Name: Eric Smit

Location: Metro Detroit, MI

Info: 2017 Cruze Hatch LT w/ RS manual

Stock Options: Mylink Touchscreen, 1.4T, 6mt, cajun red tint coat, pitiful 16" alloys, medium atmosphere interior, convenience package with heated seats and keyless entry/start.

Modifications: 18x8 Motegi MR116 with 235/40R18 NT555 G2 UHP tires, 5% tint all around.

Future plans: BNR E85 flex tune, prototyping lowering coils, intake, turbo back exhaust, short shifter, engine and trans mounts, and some carbon fiber bits.

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