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JLL's: The Golden Bullet

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Updated Modifications List (As of 04/17/2023):


Custom Emblem: The Golden Bullet
ANZO USA Projector Headlights
6000K HID Kit (for low beams)
5000K Osram 80W Halogen bulbs (for high beams)
ANZO USA Smoked Tailights
F1R F103 18x8.5 +38 Wheels
245/40R18 93W Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season Tires

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
KONI Adjustable Sport Struts & Shocks
Camber Bolts
Whiteline 27 mm Front Stabilizer Bar
Whiteline 22 mm Rear Stabilizer Bar

Custom Tuned by Vermont Tuning
Motion Raceworks Dual Channel Ethanol Sensor Mount
-10 AN PTFE Fuel Line
Custom Air Intake
ZZP Intercooler Package
650cc Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors
Radium Engineering Fuel Pulse Damper
Deatschwerks 110mm Dual Filtration Fuel Filter
MSD Ignition Coil
NGK V-Power BRK7E Spark Plugs Gap ~0.025"
Custom 3" 304 Stainless Magnaflow Exhaust
Diamond Racing Forged Pistons
Custom Pauter X Beam 4340 Billet Connecting Rods
ZZP Head Studs

ZZP Stage 1 Performance Intake Camshaft
ZZP 72 Lbs Valve Springs
ZZP Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
New OEM Intake Camshaft for Exhaust Side
New Lifters
New Rocker Arms
New Valves
New Valve Stem Seals
TTR Polyurethane Front Engine Mount
TTR Polyurethane Rear Transmission Mount

Garrett G25-550 .49AR Turbocharger
Custom T25 Exhaust Manifold
RacerX Intake Manifold
ZZP 65mm Throttle Body
RacerX Fuel Rail
GFB Hybrid BOV
AEM E85 Rated High Pressure Fuel Pump
Griffin Maxcool Radiator 31" x 19" x 3"
Russell 15" Finned Tank Style Trans Cooler
GM LUJ/LUV Big 3 Wiring Kit

ZZP Guage Pod Pillar
Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Guage
Autometer Sport Comp II Boost Guage.

Engine Compartment April 2023:
Car Vehicle Grille Hood Automotive lighting

Original Post:

Today I thought I would get off the fence and start a build thread. I apologize, as I have never documented any of my mods previously so, I do not have many pictures. Before I get into my my current mods, I'd like to talk a little bit about my work space. I've heard a lot of people on this forum let a lack of space or a "shop" area detour them from performing moderate/significant modifications to their vehicles. I live in the second story of a duplex home in the city. For those in a similar environment, I wanted to let you know that it can be done. My workspace a concrete pad where a garage once sat.
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Yeah. I installed ZZP'S cams when I rebuilt the engine last fall. The cams don't lope anymore at idle because of VVT adjustments.
Excellent - and that makes sense...though it sounds less cool...everyone loves the chopchop.
I don't think a 1.4L is capable of chopchop. :LOL:

It ran BAD when there was cam overlap At idel.
Oh, it is:

how about a crackle tune? 🤡🤣
You shut your mouth.
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Maybe I just don’t like chop chop?
I'll definitely be leaning towards that when I build the Cobalt's engine...if it ever decides it needs that.
I thought you already built that engine?
Oh god no - still stock internals! Been going strong for 13 years and ~90k miles now.
Wow. What kind of boost are you running?
~14 psi depending on the weather (2.9" pulley, full exhaust - header/downpipe/catback). Should be right around 250whp (if the converter would stay locked for a run...), which is where GM found the limit of the rods to be, albeit that was on a nitrous hit, so the limit on boost is probably a little higher.
They might have changed their tooling paths to correct the issue.

And then the obvious supply chain issues.
The hell happened there??
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Oh that looks excellent. It should also drive you less insane on the freeway.
Is that a GOOD thing or a BAD thing?
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Good lord that's bad...considerably worse than I'd expect.

A buddy of mine has an '88 5.0 that runs Megasquirt and runs E85 - we got it to a point where the fuel economy was nearly the same as running 93, but with considerably more power. It took a good bit of tweaking - finding different load points while on the freeway with me pulling fuel out until it'd start bucking, bumping it back up a number and then moving onto the next point. I think it typically got around 11-14 MPG depending on different factors (city/highway, how much WOT, etc).
Yeah, those are pretty good size. He was running 42 lb/hr injectors, but obviously in eight cylinders.
Yup - it was quite nice out yesterday - it was mid-50s for us, and Sunny. I mean, even today it's still going to be almost 50 and sunny, which is nice to look at.

Saturday wasn't half-bad either - mid-low 40s and Sunny was acceptable to be outside trying to continue troubleshooting the Volt (to no avail).

Do you have a flex-fuel sensor?
I do. In my opinion, there's too much variability in pump E85 not to have one. Federal standards are laughably 85% to 51% for "flex fuel." Here, it varies from 85% to ~72% based on the time of year and where you get it. They do sell pure E85 in 5 gallon pales, but I'm not racing as of yet.
I agree in its criticality - having dealt firsthand with changing E85 values coming up from winter blend to summer blend in my buddy's '88 5.0 - we'd have to quickly adjust fuel tables every time he filled up (the school term that applied was from April-June - so April and May we did lots of retuning before getting to class hopefully on time).

Even regular summer-blend E85 isn't typically all the way to 85%. Plus, having the sensor allows you to run gas as well, if needed. It's honestly a necessary part - and why I, at least right now, won't consider running E85 in the Cobalt. I'd absolutely love to, but there are no provisions in the factory computer to handle a Flex Fuel sensor, so I would need to go aftermarket with the computer and I'd really rather not.
Don't forget the wrench on the valve cover there - it looks like the absolute perfect spot to leave a tool and forget about it.
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"Holy Sh*t! There's no way that going to fit!" But, somehow I always manage to make it work.
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Man, that seems like overkill...

But I like overkill...
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Still more miles than I drove the Camaro. :LOL:
Is your Camaro drivable?
It was, until I pulled the starter to replace it in August.

That was the main reason I hadn't driven it all...well...a new reason for me not to - after it tried to strand me at the gas station two miles back in the previous November; would spin but not engage. Had experienced that at home when I went to start the car to let it run in the spring or some time around then. Pulled the starter (have a new one) thinking I'd be motivated to replace it shortly thereafter (it was Dream Cruise week)...which clearly did not turn out to be true.

Starter issues aside, the car gives me a multitude of reasons not to drive it, so I usually just end up taking the Cobalt instead. If I take the Camaro, I usually end up muttering to myself while driving it, wondering why I am.
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