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All Members are eligible to enter! Entrys must be made by 11:59:59 p.m. July 25th, 2011. Voting will begin July 26th and end on July 31st 11:59:99. Contest winner will have a picture of their Cruze on the front page, for the month of July.

Contest Rules Make a post in this thread with the following Information:
Descriptive Thread Title: ie: John’s Featured Cruze Submission
Name: John Doe (Full Name Optional)
Location: State, City
Car Info: Car Year, Make, Model, Trim:
Stock Options: XM, onStar ......
Modifications: (you may divide them in categories if you wish to do so. ie Exterior, Interior, Performance…)
Future plans: whatever plans
Other info: (ie: shows won….)
Display up to 10 quality and well deserving images following all the text above.
[*]Entry Rules:
You must be the owner of the Cruze you are submitting. 10 images max. One submission per member per month. Past winners may enter again after 6 months from the original winning date.
You will NOT be up for voting if you do not have a submission in THIS thread.

No discussions in this thread. Just submissions.

Admin reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary, at any time.​

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Name: Mikey
Location: New Castle, Delaware
Car Info: 2011 chevy cruze 1lt CRM
Stock Options: CRM Paint, alloys, connectivity, pioneer
Modifications: Thule rach with eschalon trays, flat black painted the emblems
Future plans: trunk mat, and just drive her

the cruze with my other 2 rides, trek fuel ex 7, khs urban xpress:

brick interior:

bumper plugs, and flat black emblem:

thank you for your time!
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