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Jumped to the 2017 Cruze

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Hey! New here, just yesterday, purchased my new 2017 Cruze LT with, RS, Convenience, and Confidence packages. And I love it.
Traded in my 94 Lincoln Mark Viii, winter coming up, northern IL, and decided didn't want to fix all the problems and deal with it in the winter so I upgraded.

Now I'm a car guy, and before I just start tearing into this to learn stuff. What are some appearance mods people have done? Also, what size are the bulbs for the dome lights?

I'm sure at some point I will end up doing some performance mods, but need to decide how I feel like voiding my warranty, since I have a 10yr/150k mile bumper to bumper warranty on my Cruze.

Also, definitely love the Cajun Red


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