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June '16 MOTM Winner: sparkman

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Introducing MOTM June '16
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Sparkman is a third-year college student majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance, and hopes to some day own his own small accounting firm. He is great, really great with numbers in other words, and hopes to make numbers great again.

Sparkman works at a Chevrolet Dealership as an Internet Administrator while working his way through school, and has made some video tours of new cars on the lot, including a sweet ZO6. He enjoys video editing, photography, and using his computer skills to hack into the DNC Convention. When not busy with such things, he enjoys getting out on a mountain bike and trying to ride at least 10 miles of trail at a time.

Some say that he quacks at strangers, and that he strongly prefers the new F-150 over the gold bowtie equivalent ;)

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Stand up and take a bow.
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Thank you everyone.
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